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Фотограф Максим Дидык,Свадебныйфотографхарьков,фотографхарьков
Фотограф Максим Дидык,Свадебныйфотографхарьков,фотографхарьков

Nastya and Dima (Ukraine Kharkiv 2019)

If you are already considering Max as your photographer, then do not hesitate for a minute, but rather write or call him until your date is booked. After all, in the end, you will get not only beautiful and high-quality pictures, but also get to know a great person. A man of his craft, with very good energy, and with a great desire to work. He tries for every couple, it can be seen in his beautiful pictures. From our family I want to say a huge THANK YOU! We are very glad that it was Maksim who shared the day of our Wedding with us, that it was he who captured the happy moments of this unforgettable day!

Carolina and Sasha (Ukraine Kharkiv 2019)

I would like to say a huge thank you for the magical photo shoot done by Maxim Didyk on my wedding day! Max very quickly merged with us, although before that we talked literally 1 time) it was very comfortable and fun with him! so everything was easy and fun! good mood (as it seems to me) is the key to cool, lively and bright photos! It’s a pity that you can’t post photos in the review, I really like them and I want to show everyone! Now I advise everyone to Max, as a true professional and a good person! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Фотограф Максим Дидык,Свадебныйфотографхарьков,фотографхарьков

Ekaterina and Alexey (Ukraine Kharkiv 2019)

Maxim was our wedding photographer and we are very happy about it!! A very good person, they immediately found a common language, besides, they noted for themselves his organizational skills, namely the ability to communicate with people and clearly and quickly explain to whom where to become and what to do; there was simply something to compare with, so it is very important, as it reduces time. As for the photos, they are amazing! Everything is exactly as dreamed) bright, beautiful, plus a lot of unexpected "live" photos. In general, thank you very much! If we decide on a photo session, we will contact Maxim Didyk)

Фотограф Максим Дидык,Свадебныйфотографхарьков,фотографхарьков
Фотограф Максим Дидык,Свадебныйфотографхарьков,фотографхарьков
Фотограф Максим Дидык,Свадебныйфотографхарьков,фотографхарьков

Alina and Sasha (Ukraine Kharkiv 2020)

Great photographer! Great man!) I highly recommend to everyone who is reading reviews now. You will not regret it. You will be completely delighted with both the shooting process and the photos themselves. We booked a photoshoot for a wedding.. it was raining...but it didn't bother us one bit! We were ready to follow Max to any location! Because you know it's worth it. Maxim immediately suggested several locations. Now, looking at the photo, I’m even glad that it started to rain and we ended up in one of the most beautiful places in Kharkov .. Which one .. I’ll leave it a secret) In general, we are very, very grateful to you, Maxim, thank you for spending this day with us and capturing most important points)

Alena and Grisha (Ukraine Kharkiv 2020)

Very good photographer and kind person. He is easy to work with and easy to talk to. I did not regret at all that I chose Maxim as a photographer for the wedding. You can feel free to apply.

Irina and Roman (Ukraine Kharkiv 2020)

After working with Maxim, now I recommend him to everyone. Super, professional photographer and a very good person. The wedding photo session was so easy and positive, unrealistic support, the result - very cool photos, good angles, and in my case, the long veil was beaten in such a way that there are simply no words. Huge, Max, thank you. We will definitely print an album, since there are so many cool photos that there are not enough walls and frames at home, you still get lost which one to put in a frame. Now any photo session is only for you. I advise everyone, everyone, you will not regret that you contact Maxim, you will stay in a good mood and high-quality beautiful photos!

Фотограф Максим Дидык,Свадебныйфотографхарьков,фотографхарьков

Nice to see you on my site 
My name is Maxim Didyk, I am a Wedding and Family photographer from Ukraine. I have been working as a family and wedding photographer for 8 years. I live in Kirkkonummi and I also work in other cities in Finland. Espoo, Helsinki, Vantaa.   At the moment, this is no longer a hobby and not a job, it is already part of my life, to which I devote a lot of my time.Always happy to capture your happiest moments of life in a photo.

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